Health care reform

To Rep Dreihaus:

Please continue to support health care reform.  I think single payer is the way to go.

I attempted to attend the Monday (Aug. 3) Town Hall on health care at the First Unitarian Church.  Having parked behind a SUV with a bumper sticker with a web address for teabagging, I was concerned that these ruffians would attempt to prevent thoughtful exchange of views on this important issue.

Arriving at the door — or as close as we could get — as well as listening to people talking about bike riding out to the Ranken House in Ripley, there were signs of “Land of the Free” which apparently means freedom for them to do to me whatever they please, etc.

A friend who attends that church told me this morning that the teabaggers / birthers did attempt to disrupt your efforts to inform and be informed on this issue.  Don’t let this stupids grind you down!


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