First Nations questing

Jacquie and I continued our exploration of  Indian sites in the region last weekend, going to SunWatch, just south of Dayton OH.  They are reconstructing a village from about 1200 AD  at a recently discovered sit.

I was tired and wanted to take an nap in one of the lodges

SunWatch Nap

Yesterday we went to Shawnee Look out where there has been some interesting excavation suggesting the site may be the longest continuously occupied site in the US, over 2000 years.  See this article.   To see more photos of our questing, check Jacquie’s blog, on the blogroll.,

Today we plan ot go to Fort Ancient.


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  1. Very nice, Frank. I remember teachers trying to make sense of this for us in the fifth grade, but failing to provide a conceptual spark for even me. They once were here and now they’re gone… not much inducement to a kid just starting to think about the Walnut Hills test, and longing for the Rocky Mountains of her childhood.

    Nowadays, I wish I had time to experience all this with the eyes of age and scholarship. So keep on trekking. Say hi to the ancestors for me.


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