Identity politics as evasion

The Wilsonian politics of self-determination is at best just too irrelevant  for our age.  Probably, given W Wilson’s racism, it was just a cover for the struggle of the rich to pull another one over on the poor.

We see that today.  Consider this, the anniversary of the Gaza War.  As I write, the Egyptian government is doing everything it can to prevent peace activists from crossing into Gaza.  DemocracyNow reports:

Egypt Detains Activists Preparing for Gaza Freedom March

In other news from the region, Egyptian security forces have detained dozens of international activists who were planning to take part in the Gaza Freedom March. According to march organizers, Egyptian security forces detained a group of thirty activists in their hotel in Cairo as they prepared to leave for Gaza, placing them under house arrest. Another group of eight people were detained at the bus station of Al Arish on Sunday. Egypt has so far refused to grant permission for any of the marchers to cross the Egyptian border into Gaza in order to end Israel’s blockade of Gaza. Egypt is also refusing to allow some 150 aid trucks to enter Egypt. The group Viva Palestina said the trucks are filled with humanitarian aid for the people of Gaza.

Is it possible to believe that the determining difference is between Muslim and Jew?  Arab and Israel?

The results coming out of COP15 were the increasing divides between neo-industrial states, corporations, and smaller countries.

Is it imaginable that the identity politics of race, gender and sexual orientation have been constructed because taking ‘rich’ and ‘poor’ as ‘identities’ would destroy the ‘American Dream?’

Don’t pay attention to identity politics.  Follow the dollar.  The only identity distinction that matters is young versus old.


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