UUA Creating Peace SOC

The draft statement on the 2010 General assembly agenda. UU Peace Ministry Network for more! My endorsement:

IN THE MEANTIME:  If I thought the “Creating Peace” SOC were creedal, I would be against it.  However, I do not know what tomorrow will bring.  I do know that there will be no peace today.  Neither will there be peace tomorrow. All too often those with good intentions to bring about peace, those who fought “The War to End All Wars,” they too did not bring peace but increased hardship and suffering. Gandhi thought he had failed, people seeing ahimsa as a strategy rather than a way of life.

Before we can build a permanent peaceful, compassionate society, we may well destroy the planet.  What shall we do in the meantime?

Of one thing I am sure.  We need to listen to each other, respect one another, work together.  As UU’s we are committed to faith without certainty.  Each of us brings something to the table.

If war is enduring and peace utopian, shall I be silent?  In my radical imagination I can conceive of a third way.  And others have imagined a third way. It demands we engage the moral complexities of our time, with our eyes clearly fixed on the prize of peace, our courageous hearts stout above fear, and our hands open in compassion. This is the path the “Creating Peace” SOC offers us, even if it is only a step along the way

Shall we know peace in our time?  Not a chance!  What shall we do in the meantime?


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