Gas in the Gulf and elsewhere

Following the ecological crisis emerging from the blow out of the Deepwater Horizon drill hole, I am not surprised to see that there is ‘seepage.’ For weeks, engineers and geologists commenting on Oil Drum have indicated that the hole bore pipe was damaged by the explosion of methane that burned the rig, collapsing it into the water.

On Counterpunch today there is an article  in which David Lindorff concludes:

“By the way, last Thursday I contacted both the BP and the government-run Unified Command press offices asking for an explanation as to how they could shut down the top of the well, when BP’s own cameras in June showed oil blowing out of cracks in the sea floor near the wellhead. Both offices promised to respond. To date, neither has.”

HuffingtonPost has a report that water taken from various beaches was way above expected toxicity levels, some even exploding on testing.

There can be little question that at least some of the BP engineers knew before the latest capping of the well that there would be oil seepage and methane come out of the ocean floor as a result of their action  capping the well.

Why did they do it, then?  Assuming that the management at BP is not in denial and is somewhat rational, some have speculated that if the Federal government makes them take the new cap off, they can blame the government for any new oil making it into the Gulf. (And not be billed for it!)

Methane is the really bad news.  (Not BP)


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