Carpenter Bridge

The linear park to which the Carpenter bridge connects.

The Old Carpenter’s bridge is here.

I recently received an email from a “member of the Iloilo City Cultural Heritage Conservation Council in Iloilo City, Philippines. A few years back the Carpenter Bridge that was named after your father was scheduled to be torn down but through the intervention of some offices including this council it has been preserved.  The bridge is now going to be part of a linear park and is due to be inaugurated this February 15. ”  A volunteer on the commission, “By doing this I hope the youth will have a sense of ownership and pride so they will be active protectors of our heritage sites.”

A bridge is a wonderful memorial to my father.  Building bridges between people, developing relationships between individuals, religions, and cultures was a major part of his work.  He had a great talent for friendship.  Among Americans his close friends were W Cameron Forbes, Edward “Peter” Bowditch, Victor Heiser and Generals Pershing, Clarence Edwards, James G Harbord, and Franklin Bell.  His friends among Filipinos included Rafael Alunan, Ildefonso Coscolluela,  Felipe Cuaderno, Francisco A. Delgado, Teopisto Guingona, Ludovico Hidrosollo, Vincente Lozada, Sergio Osmena, Juan Posadas, Aresnio Roco, Jose G. Sanvictores, Jose Topacio and Miguel Unson.


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  1. Posted by A Coscolluela on June 7, 2011 at 12:07 PM

    It is nice to find out that your father is a friend of my great grandfather, Ildefonso Coscolluela. It is great to know a little bit about this information.


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