What I’m trying to do now,

Well, given that I’m trying to exercise my skills set on writing, recovering from my stroke, what am I going to do? I’ll just keep on doing what I’ve been working on, i.e. my father’s bio.

reading about the subject, the First World War, according to Barbara Tuchman (oops, lost the T key there)_  and found her drawing me back in.  More research than on Singapore and Malaysia. But in specific Japan became interesting.  Aiira Iriye has written quite a bit on Japan American relations.  What strikes me is that much of it seems dominated by Cold War arguments and points of view. She appears to argeu teh American expansion before WW2 was not imperialistic.  Of course there has been a good deal of what seems to me Cold War rhetoric which seeps to take that tack.  America is not imperialistic.  Our expansion is in terms of our ideals, i.e., freedom and democracy..


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