What American boys do, 1949

My name is Frank W Carpenter and this is my blog.  I’m a retired Unitarian Universalist minister.  I’m fascinated with how we humans (and other animals) organize ourselves, in particularly how we organize for spirituality. I enjoy American history and genealogy, and reading about economics.  I’m trying to figure out what is going on, but that’s probably a lost cause.

I like the way SLAVOJ ZIZEK once on DEMORCARYNOW! put it:  "What
is going on today? There are old fashion theories, either
Marxist or liberals who claim the same capitalism is going on.
Then there is a whole set of fashionable terms like
post-industrial society, post-whatever, information society,
which I think don’t do the job. We even don’t have what my
friend Fred Jameson likes to call “cognitive mapping,” you
know, that you get an idea what’s going on. We need theory
more than ever. Don’t be—don’t feel guilty for withdrawing
from immediate engagement and for trying to understand what’s
going on."

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I’m going to see if I can organize this site, move my April archive over to a page “UU History”  Mmm.

blogger with parents

July 20 1944

Salem, MA


2 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Richard Milius on September 14, 2011 at 10:56 PM

    Dear Rev. Carpenter,
    I note in your list of descendents of John Channing of Newport an entry for Walter Everett Channing (1901 – 1980) and his first wife, Frances McNulty ( – 1950). Do you happen to know if this is Frances McNulty (b. ca. 1890) of Lawrence, MA, a daughter of Patrick H. McNulty and Alice Ward? Frances married a Walter Channing (supposedly of Fairhaven, CT) and seems to have vanished from the family’s oral history. If you can share any information about this person, I would be most appreciative. Thanks!


  2. Posted by nonlinearhistorynut on September 15, 2011 at 2:29 PM

    Hi Richard,

    If I were compiling this genealogy, I would say, “yes.”

    Your information has Walter Channing in Fairhaven CT. This own is in Fairhaven MA.

    The 1930 Federal Census for Fairheven, MA, has Walter and Frances living with his mother. She was two years older than him, about 1899.

    The MASS Vital records on line do not have marriages this late (past 1915) You might try the New Bedford (MA) Whaling Museum as Walter was an important factor there.

    Let me know if I can offer anything else.



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