Bob Zuber, Global Action to Prevent War

The UU Peace Ministry Network partnered with  Global Action to Prevent War, with the collaboration of Sharon Welch of Meadville Lombard Theological School.  Global Action has some remarks on its website about the Peace Symposium.

AS teh symposium was held December 12 and 13, durig themidst of COP15, GAPW’s project in the area, “Climate Change and Violent Conflict,” was considered.  It’s report relates,

As an organization committed to conflict prevention and to highlighting and addressing important ‘triggers’ of armed conflict, GAPW has created helpful working partnerships with a number of organizations that are providing conceptual guidance and practical tools to help promote climate health, overcome resource disparities and encourage more carbon-free lifestyles.

Saul Mendlovitz talking about the history and work of GAPW

Sharon Welch gave an expanded talk based on her thoughts in the recent TIKKUN, Just Peace, Just War: New Paradigms in Strategic Peacebuilding.  Susan Brooks Thistlethwaite of Chicago Theological Seminary and Center for American Progress expanded upon her remarks , Obama’s new ‘Just War Peace’ policy, in a recent WASHINGTON POST article.

Susan Brooks Thistlethwaite and Sharon Welch

Worshiping at the Interfaith Peace Symposium

Above Photo: Skylar Breiner and Susan Goekler UU’s from Ohio, Bob Zuber of GAPW, another GAPW rep, and Mac Goekler who is chair of the UU Peace Ministry Network.

For more infomraton abut the Statement of Conscience press, see the UUWorld, “UUA Commission drafts new statement on peacemaking.


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